The Dillard Smith Digest
The Dillard Smith Digest

Meet Maya

Harvard Trained Problem Solver & Trusted Advisor

Hi!  I'm Maya Dillard Smith, JD, MPP.

I'm a civil and human rights leader, legal scholar, political strategist, social impact engineer and news commentator. I’ve appeared on CNN,  MSNBC, FOX, ABC’s The View and I’ve been featured in the Washington  Post, and the Huffington Post, the LA Times and the San Francisco  Chronicle.

For nearly a decade, I was a judge of judges in  California, the largest law-trained judiciary in the world. On behalf of USAID, I advised Eastern European nations on post-civil war reconstruction of their judiciaries. I advised the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court on issues of state’s rights, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on crime, immigration, and the gay conversion ban. 

I have worked for Democrats and Republicans in every branch of government (executive, legislature, and  judiciary) at every level of government (local, regional, state, federal) to move smart policy on budget and finance, free speech, police and safety, privacy and technology, education, transportation, housing, the environment, gender and racial equity, economic development, voting rights and redistricting.

As the chief executive of ACLU of Georgia, I led statewide litigation, lobbying and communications efforts to protect faith,  freedom, and equality. Two years ago I was thrust into the media limelight during the 2016 presidential election cycle and the first wave of what we now know as “fake news.” It's been a head spinning roller coaster since then, but I’ve been up for the challenge of telling and defending the truth even when it’s unpopular.

With so much political upheaval and chaos in the world, I'm here to break down the facts - unbiased and without spin - so you can make informed decisions about policy for you and your family.

Join the movement for trusted information! I'm  leading the charge!

Summary of Qualifications


  • Administrative Judge (fmr.), State of California
  • Executive Director, ACLU of Georgia
  • Member, Roundtable of Public Interest Law Firms - State of Georgia
  • Senior Advisor, Gavin Newsom Mayoral Administration
  • Director, Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice + Community Investments - City & County of San Francisco
  • Chair, Violence Prevention Oversight Committee - City of Oakland
  • Member, Fund for Children and Youth, City of Oakland
  • Founding Board Member, Oakland Land Trust
  • External Advisor, Pacific Forest and Watershed Lands Stewardship Council


  • Harvard University, Masters of Public Policy
  • UC Berkeley Econ, Bachelors in Economics 
  • UC Hastings College of the Law, Juris Doctor
  • UT Austin, Amerian Economics Association Fellow, PhD coursework
  • Oakland Technical High School, Pre-Engineering and Pre-Medical


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Insightful Commentary


Want an engaging and inspiring speaker who can breakdown complex legal and political issues for provocative and engaging discussion for children and adults?  Book Maya. She is sure to inspire and entertain.

Counter Viewpoints


binary opposite political / social views

Opposing Viewpoints In Context is a rich resource for debaters and includes pro/con viewpoints, reference articles, interactive maps, infographics, and more. advocating water-tight viewpoints, backed with evidence, facts, dates, names and places.

Broad Perspectives


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Fact Based


Maya knows fake news.  She was the subject of it during the 2016 elections before it was a term.  Fact is the antithesis of fake and Maya delivers 

Data Driven


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The Dillard Smith Digest